Space close

We value different ways of thinking – in our people and our clients. At the root of our philosophies we evaluate alternate perspectives – we question the norm and challenge the expected. And it’s evident when you enter our studio space in Chicago’s River North.

We surround ourselves with objects and decor not only for their style, but for their function, form and purpose. They act as a muse that relieves us of our notions and frees our imaginations to articulate and invent. Our space is a casual and comfortable atmosphere where bowling lanes from Chicago’s south side are reimagined and repurposed as conference tables. Where an antique trunk from the city’s famous Marshall Field props up a vintage suitcase that’s been transformed into a stereo system. Modern furniture with chrome accents contrast shelves made of iron – and sheets of raw steel convert a wall into a functional and living display of our work. We treasure art, logic and creativity. We have custom guitars hanging alongside art on our walls. And a shelf dedicated to objects we consider ambassadors of creation – a shelf of form and function representing that form follows function, but every great while there is reasonable doubt.

Our space is resourceful much like our work, our ideas and our approach. It is a physical expression of our passion and ambitions to create unique experiences that are authentic to our clients’ values.