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Wavetable is a digital business incubator where entrepreneurs, engineers, and designers share a passion for using technology to build innovative new companies that help people.

We worked with Wavetable CEO Matt Moog in building an energetic and innovative brand – helping shape a cohesive company experience and environment from inception of the name and tagline to developing the online experience and marketing materials.

In tribute to the Moog synthesizer, the name Wavetable is where sound waves converge to produce a single sound. This connection is also representational of the company’s approach – bringing together like-minded individuals, combining efforts and achieving a common goal. In support of the name, the tagline “Think Big. Build Smart.” brings a Chicago personality to the brand as an iteration of the famous Burnham quote “Make no little plans.” A multi-color aesthetic combined with white space; reserved layout with bold typography; and dynamic, stylistic photography bring an unmistakeable energy to the Wavetable experience.