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My Chicago



My Chicago is a concept we developed with the intention to create a brand and movement we could rally around to get involved in our community and show our pride as Chicagoans. Although the concept never came to fruition, the idea was to develop a local campaign similar to the international “Red” campaign of fighting AIDS. The campaign would focus on design, the arts, fashion and culture of the city to create materials and merchandise to help raise funds for our local organizations and communities in need.

The concept was to involve local artisans and creatives to join efforts and build a living movement of art and design through two guidelines – the use of our city colors red and blue – and any developed concept is specific to Chicagoans. For example, one advertisement design we created is a series of criss-crossing colored bars in a plaid pattern. This pattern has been adjusted to include two angled bars, representing the grid of Chicago – a unique Chicago feature and a navigational tool for our citizens. This is a good example of how we would combine city features, design, fashion and art to create a symbolic image, significant to each of us as Chicagoans.