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As cultural alchemists, Project& collaborates with artists and other partners to address critical issues facing the global community, and drive social impact. They orchestrate and amplify work through three program areas – Fellowships, Global Dialogues and Innovative Studio – to shift conversation and inspire engagement in unexpected and challenging ways.

The Project& role is shaped by the context and vision of the work – varying from project to project and artists to artist. We leveraged this transformative quality to create a brand with a transparent and simple boldness that supports and empowers artists, and inspires communities. It is a brand with a distinct tenor – supporting the original voices of its artists and partners, while unifying them with the sole purpose of making a positive impact.

Across communications, the brand shifts aesthetics – changing from the black and white style of the core organization to various full-color styles influenced by the artist. This simple functionality allows the brand to become what it needs to be, and to continue the support of new initiatives and dialogues for years to come.