• House of Cards : Promotional Materials

  • House of Cards : Promotional Materials

  • House of Cards : Promotional Materials

  • Save the Date Poster : Event Communications

  • Save the Date Poster : Event Communications

  • Envelope System : Invitations

  • Envelope System : Invitations

  • The Art of Exploration : Invitation

  • The Art of Chocolate : Invitation

  • The Art of Theatre : Invitation

  • The Art of Choice : Invitation

  • The Art of Dining : Invitation

  • The Art of Flowers : Invitation

  • The Art of Service : Invitation

  • The Art of Fashion : Invitation

  • The Art of Food : Invitation

  • The Art of Motivation : Invitation

  • The Art of Healthcare : Invitation

  • The Art of Tiger Mom : Invitation

  • The Art of Giving Back : Invitation

  • The Art of Resources : Invitation

  • The Art of Play : Invitation


Young Presidents’ Organization



YPO is an organization that connects young and successful chief executives across the globe. With approximately 22,000 business leaders in more than 125 countries, these members unite around one shared mission: Better Leaders Through Education and Idea Exchange.™ Supporting every aspect of life (business, personal, family and community), YPO offers various networking and mentorship opportunities at the local, national and international level.

In 2013, we partnered with the YPO Chicago Chapter to bring a year of events to life through the concept “The Art of….” With around twenty events throughout the year, each event tackled a specific topic or issue by hosting guest speakers, visiting exhibits and member outings. “The Art of…” was developed as a consistent theme where each event completed the title with its topic of focus, such as “The Art of Choice.” In support of this concept, we developed a highly visual and photographic system to build event excitement, message consistency and flexibility across the diverse topics. Each event used imagery to support the topic – but also to evoke abstract thought and challenge perspectives. This dynamic system was utilized to keep each event fresh and exciting – driving member participation throughout the year.